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A Dream is Born

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

I have been involved in the dog sports community in some capacity since 2003. What the heck is the dog sports community? It is a group of people dedicated to doing all the things with their dogs. The list of sports grows all of the time, but some examples include agility, dock diving, scent work/nosework, barn hunt, lure coursing, rally obedience, formal obedience, etc. I started in 2003 because I had a young rottweiler named Link that was a real handful. He needed a job, he needed training, he needed me to step up to the plate. He sent me down a path that would become a passion in my life and would introduce me to some amazing people and activities.

So, what does that have to do with Puppy-K All Day? EVERYTHING...and here is why...

People involved in dog sports have a very intentional way of training their puppies. They spend time socializing them and working on foundations that will help shape them into their future teammate. They focus on building confidence in any areas that may be lacking. When I got Thiago in 2017, I had a running mental list of all the things I wanted to expose him to and experiences I wanted him to have as a young dog. I also had a list of appropriate adult dogs I wanted him to meet to start getting him socialized.

As I started thinking about everything we do with our puppies as sport people, I asked myself, "Why puppies owned by families shouldn't have the same advantages in their upbringing?" I also have a love of education so being able to pass on the tips and tricks I have learned over the years, is an added benefit to me and my clients. Just because most families don't live and breathe dogs, doesn't mean they shouldn't have a way to give their new family member a jumpstart on foundation skills, socialization and more! We know these experiences can enhance a dog's life long-term and with that, Puppy-K All Day was born!

rottweiler and person practicing dock diving
Thiago and I at dock diving practice.


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