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Closeup of Dog Treats


is improving the quality of life for your dog and can be done with puppies and adult dogs alike. Have you ever given your dog something to chew and they go into a hypnotic chewing mode? It is enriching to them and I'd venture to say, you too. Providing them something that is fulfilling, just feels good.

Adding enrichment to your dog's life doesn't need to be a chore and it doesn't need to be expensive.

Dog with a toy

Types of enrichment:

  • Social Enrichment

  • Cognitive Enrichment

  • ​Physical Enrichment

  • ​Sensory Enrichment

  • Feeding Enrichment

  • Toy Enrichment

Some types may crossover into multiple categories!​

Social Enrichment:

Playing Together
  • Playing with a canine friend

  • Playing with a friend of another species

  • Taking a trip to a dog friendly store​

  • ​Visiting a favorite person (we call it "people-ing"

  • Going to work with you (if allowed)

Cognitive Enrichment:

Dog Training
  • Play hide-n-seek

  • Let them work a puzzle toy

  • Teach them new trick

  • Going to work with you (if allowed and enjoyable)

  • Build them a DIY obstacle course

Physical Enrichment:

Happy Dog
  • Go for a walk

  • Go for a run (if appropriate)

  • Play a game of tug-of-war

  • Swimming

  • Active puzzle toys that get their body moving

  • Play with the hose

Sensory Enrichment:

Dalmatian Dog
  • Hide treats in the house

  • Hide treats in the yard

  • Go on a longline nature walk

  • Take an online scentwork class

  • Blow bubbles for your dog

Food Enrichment:

Eating Puppy
  • Feed in a kong or other puzzle item

  • Feed by scattering in the yard

  • Feed in a snufflemat

  • Feed in a box of paper to encourage foraging

  • Use a muffin tin or slow feeder

Toy Enrichment:

Dog Running
  • A stuffed kong or other puzzle item (freeze it too!)

  • Hide their favorite toy and have them find it

  • Snufflemat

  • Chewing a favorite bone or chew

  • Plastic water bottles (remove label and cap)

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