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Looking for a puppy?

Finding your next family member can be difficult and it is so important to find the right fit. This puppy will be a part of your life for many years to come and we want you to enjoy it. That doesn't mean puppy raising is easy, but when you find the right puppy to start with, raising them can be a truly wonderful experience.

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Puppy Connect - New Puppy Consultations

We live in a very different world than when we were kids and our new family dog showed up on our doorsteps.


The world is different. Dogs are different. What we need from a family pet is different. 

Deciding to get a new puppy is a big decision. Trying to figure out where to get that puppy is an even bigger decision! This puppy will grow up and be a member of your family for years to come, and it should be a joy and an addition to your wonderful life.

The internet gives us access to all sorts of information, but it doesn't guarantee that this information is good or that the suggestions made are ethical and responsible or the best fit for your family. That is where I come in! 

You can do a quick google search and find A PUPPY. But is it the RIGHT puppy? That matters! A stable, healthy, well-tempered dog is something everyone should want and be able to find. Let me guide you on that journey. 

Want to adopt? NO PROBLEM!

Want to purchase a puppy? NO PROBLEM!

Don't know what breed or mix you want? NO PROBLEM!

I can guide you through the process with tips, assistance on finding responsible and ethical breeders or rescues and help you find the RIGHT MATCH for your home. 

Want to learn a few things and move forward on your own? Check out my online course, "How to Find an Ethical Breeder" and the podcast episodes below for resources! 

Already have your puppy, but want to give them the best foundation and training possible? CLICK HERE!


Puppy-K All Day

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Are you thinking of adopting a puppy? Listen to this podcast episode for tips on making sure the rescues you consider are ethical and responsible and why that matters.
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