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What is Puppy-K All Day?

-We are an in-home care option for puppies in Litchfield Park, AZ.

-We offer care for puppies, ages 12 weeks to 24 weeks.

-We offer clients a safe option for their young puppies while they

work, care for their children, take meetings, etc. during the day.

-We are experienced in raising puppies, dog training, and general dog knowledge. We would love to pass our skills on to you!

-You go to work, your puppy comes to us for play, enrichment, and learning. -They go home at the end of the day, ready to be with their family for the evening.

-Young puppies get the chance to socialize in a safe and enriching environment.

-It is not safe for young puppies to attend traditional doggy day care; we offer an alternative in a clean home environment.

Things to consider:

-All puppies must have proof of at least 2 distemper/parvo vaccines to attend.

-All puppies must have had a fecal showing they are clear of giardia (fairly common parasite) within 7 days prior to attending their first day.

-Vet appointments are extremely hard to secure with the national veterinarian shortage, please plan accordingly. Expect to wait 3 weeks for a wellness or vaccination appointment.

Exclusive Services

Here is a short list of things we

offer at Puppy-K All Day.

Don't see it on the list?

Contact us and ask!

black and white puppy
Puppy in Red Cushion
Rescue Puppy

Set Your Puppy Up Right!

Each puppy gets an individualized plan, tailored to your family.

-1 and 2 week options of Mon-Fri care, up to 9 hours per day

-4 week option of Mon-Fri care, up to 9 hours per day

-Safe, clean, home environment

-Hours are flexible based on your schedule, need extra time? Just ASK!

-Introduction to clicker training

-Foundation work on basic commands, based on puppy's development

-Foundation work on potty training

-Foundation work on quiet time

-Introduction to the grooming table (as applicable)

-Socialization to novel surfaces, toys, experiences

-Enrichment puzzles, activities, games

-Social time with appropriate, well-mannered adult dogs (supervised only)

-Social time with other puppies (as available)

-Daily reports on progress (photo and or video)

-How-to training videos based on each puppy's needs

-Continued support and tips from our head trainer

*Safe & quiet nap times required. Need crate training help? See below.

Have a particular skill you want us to work on? JUST ASK!

Have a non-traditional schedule? JUST ASK!


1 week option - $595

2 week option -$1095

4 week option - $1995

Flex options:

5 days, used within 4 weeks - $695

10 days, used within 6 weeks - $1195

20 days, used within 10 weeks - $2095

Premium Services/Add Ons:

In-Home Consultation

-Want to be able to continue with all of the foundation work we started at Puppy-K All Day? Want to get tips for your particular family on how to make life with your puppy as enjoyable as possible? Schedule us for an in-home consult once your puppy's stay with us is over.

Contact us with your address and we can quote this for you!

Crate Training 

-Is your puppy unable to be confined in an exercise pen or crate for naps? Naps are an incredibly important part of your puppy growing up. We have several ways to work on this issue, but it requires extra training and individualized attention. We can discuss what your puppy will require at your meet and greet. *This requires a minimum 10 day program. Results will vary based on your puppy and your commitment to working through the issue with us.

*Price varies depending on the level of additional training required. $200 minimum surcharge per 10 day stay.

Additional Hours

-Our traditional package includes 9 hours per day; leaving you time to work 8 hours and commute to and from work. Not enough time? Running late one day? Have an appointment after work? Ask about our additional hours option.

$25 per additional hour

Pick Up & Drop Off Services

-We can accommodate most Monday-Friday schedules. If pick up and drop off is a better option for your family, contact us to check availability.

Contact us with your address and we can quote this for you!

Pool Acclimation

(weather pending)

-If you have always dreamt of having a dog that swims, we can start your puppy out on the right paw! Most homes in Arizona have pools and knowing your puppy can swim, is an added peace of mind.

Contact us so we can discuss your goals and give you a price!

Bath Time

-After playing and training all week, some puppies may need a bath to prepare them for the weekend with their family. We can take care of this for you Friday afternoon and send your puppy home smelling fresh and clean.

$40 per bath

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