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A Puppy-K All Day Blog?

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

My name is Heather Brendle, and I am deeply passionate about dogs. I have lived with them my entire life, starting with a beagle named Puddles, when I was a young child. My life has taken a winding path, but the one consistent staple has always been dogs. They bring me joy, challenges, laughter, inspiration, and enhance my life. I especially enjoy owning 2 dogs that interact with each other because dog behavior is FASCINTATING.

I have been around so many dog "things" throughout my life. From my mom's grooming business to fancy dog shows to volunteering to care for dogs from dog fighting busts. All roads lead back to dogs. My journey to owning Puppy-K All Day is deeply rooted in the belief that everyone that wants to own a dog, should have a GOOD dog. Dog ownership should be a symbiotic relationship that enhances the life of both the human and the dog. Sometimes that happens like magic and sometimes, it takes a whole lot of work. Puppy-K is all about helping people that don't live and breathe dogs, to build a solid foundation with their puppy.

While this page is dedicated to all things puppy, I can guarantee this blog will consist of many different topics and thoughts that swim in my brain, but of course, always winding back to DOGS. I hope you enjoy the journey with us.


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