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Different Dogs & Different Rules

I truly believe that if you live with multiple dogs, you can have different rules for each of them and probably should. Every dog is an individual and needs different parameters to make them comfortable and successful in life. Here are some examples:

  • Dogs of different sizes require different rules to keep them safe. We ask Tater to wait for us to lift him on and off our bed because he is 45 lbs and the bed is high. Thiago is free to go up and down as he pleases.

  • Tater is rarely behind a baby gate when we have visitors, but Thiago may be gated in the office periodically, because he is big and exuberant.

  • We use an x-pen when the dogs are enjoying high value items, one is penned and the other is loose.

When I think about living harmoniously in a multi-dog household, I think different rules for different dogs just means you are managing your household. You are making sure that things goes smoothly and the relationship between the dogs remains solid. If you are adding a puppy or a new adult to your household, take a moment and think about what it will really look like for them to live together. Pay attention to the individual needs of each dog and do what you can to support them so you can have a wonderful, relaxed life together.

Photo by Kristi McNeeley

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