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a woman looking a her rottweiller dog

Did you know that there is an ideal socialization window for puppies? Giving them access to safe experiences that include new people, animals, and environments is extremely important to supporting their overall wellness as an adult dog. Combining their genetics with their experiences, shapes them into the dog you will have in your life for at least the next decade. The investment is well worth the pay-off when you consider how many years you will have with this puppy as a part of your family. Making this time a priority is much easier with Puppy-K All Day!

Leave the safe socialization portion of puppy raising and foundation training to us, the experts. We have been training and raising puppies since 2003. We continue to stay educated on the newest research and techniques that help start puppies off on the right paw. We use science-based training techniques that are tried and true. It is the same way we train our personal puppies too!

Make an investment in your future by allowing us to train your newest family member.

-Heather Brendle

 Head Trainer

 Puppy-K All Day

Don't live in Litchfield Park? Don't worry!
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Your puppy will enjoy new experiences, while making healthy and positive associations. It is critical that puppies get out in the world, but it must be done in a safe way, paying attention to their individual needs. Allow us to work with your puppy while you work, then enjoy your happy and enriched puppy all night long. We put in the work, and you enjoy the benefits for a lifetime to come.

a brown puppy with hazel eyes

How does it work?

  • You bring your puppy to our home for a scheduled meet and greet.

  • We get to know you and your puppy, and discuss your individual needs and goals.

  • We make a personalized plan for puppy training, socialization, and enrichment.

  • We share tips in any areas you are struggling right now and make sure they are addressed in the training plan.

  • We schedule your puppy and get started!

german shorthaired pointer puppy walking
Photo by Kristi McNeeley

Our client reviews speak for themselves, we take the stress and worry out of puppy raising! We allow families to enjoy the best parts of getting a puppy by taking care of their foundation for them. We did the research for you on the best training and socialization methods. There's no need to search the internet wondering who to get advice from, we have spent decades building our skills so you can simply enjoy your puppy, while we do the heavy lifting. Check out our testimonials!

puppy holding Easter basket
Photo by Kristi McNeeley

Want to see examples of what your puppy can learn and do at Puppy-K All Day?

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